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Independent Financial Advice

For Over 14 Years. Leicester Based, Nation-Wide Known.

Welcome to Chase Integral Ltd

Chase Integral Ltd has been providing independent financial advice for over 14 years.

We offer an initial consultation at outset at our expense.

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Our Business

The business started in 1996 but we incorporated in 2004 and continue on the founding principles of integrity and transparency upon which the practice was founded. These values form the bedrock of our organisation.

We aim to provide a high quality and holistic financial planning service to our clients and hold their hand through all aspects of the financial planning process. Our business has predominantly grown on the back of recommendations and referrals from other professional service providers. We do not hold a preconceived client profile requirement but do deal with large numbers of business owners, company directors and individuals from the professions. We hope this is an endorsement for all our existing and prospective clients.

We will lay out our charging structure at outset and prefer not to charge on percentages but on a fair time basis or agreed fee. an ongoing service proposition is available but never compulsory.

Our Services

We provide individuals and businesses with practical and relevant solutions to help them to meet their financial objectives.


Pensions are, of course, designed to enable you to save sufficient money during your working life to provide an income stream for you to live comfortably after you have retired.

There are many different ‘tools’ used to save for retirement and the taxation and investment elements of pensions can appear baffling. We specialise in explaining, recommending and monitoring pensions for you. Below are the most common sources of pension income to provide for your retirement.


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Savings & Investments

Why are we encouraged to save money?
From childhood most of us are told to put away money to save for the future – perhaps for something special; or perhaps to be sure that when we really need something we have the funds to acquire it, without taking on debt. Whether we place your money in a piggy bank, or in a multinational investment house, our aims are broadly the same; to provide for our future needs, and to protect ourselves against unexpected causes of expenditure.


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At least one million Britons are thought to be financially responsible for both younger and older family members. And this “sandwich generation” looks set to keep growing as couples leave it later to have children and the older generation lives longer. Having this dual financial responsibility makes it all the more important to consider how loved ones would cope if you were to suffer an incapacitating illness or even die. As a healthy working person with a good income you may feel reasonably confident that you are able to provide for your family. But your finances could be more precarious than you think. We can help you in protecting your finances.


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Why it’s usually a good idea to get mortgage advice

Lenders (usually banks) and brokers must offer advice when they recommend a mortgage for you. They’ll assess the level of mortgage repayments you can afford, by looking at your income as well as your debt repayments and day-to-day spending. This means you should end up with a mortgage that suits your needs.

Chase Integral offer: Residential Mortgages, Remortgages, Buy To Let and Commercial Finance.


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Tax Planning

We offer individual and business tax planning as part of our services. From basic wills, powers of attorny, to bare and discretionary trusts. Inheritance tax planning is a large part of our advice process particularly in an aging population.

Tax planning plays centre stage on looking at all aspects of the financial planning process.


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Want to know more?

We offer an initial consultation at outset at our expense.

Call us for a friendly chat on 0116 2710 022 or email: info@chaseintegral.co.uk